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Need a hand? Want to troubleshoot your bread? Wondering how to keep your loaf? Scroll down for Baker's Hotline, Bread Care, and FAQs.




We're here for you. 

Would you like to start using local, stone ground flour but don't know where to start? We love our flour. Farmer Ground Flour, locally grown and freshly stone ground, is special. You will find flavors, aromas, and textures you never noticed in bread made from white flour. But you may need to adjust your techniques to make your bread shine!


If you have questions about baking with Farmer Ground Flour, please get in touch! We will do what we can to help.



You’ve just picked up a loaf of our bread. So, how do you take care of it?


The best way to take care of a loaf of bread is to...

eat it, savor it, and share it! But let’s say you want to keep it around for a while, what then?

Best Practices for Bread Care:

1. Choose a bread that keeps well.

2. Eat it now. Share it.

3. If you can’t eat it now, but you intend to eat it soon, keep it at room temperature.

4. If you like a crispy crust, keep it in a paper bag.

5. If you like a softer crust, keep it in a plastic bag.

6. If you thought you liked a softer crust, but it turns out you like it crispy, put your bread in the oven, pre-heated to 350F, for a few minutes until it has regained its crisp.

7. If you have a breadbox, use it.

8. If you want to keep your bread for a longer period of time, like, say.. until the world ends, wrap it well in plastic wrap, or seal it well in an airtight bag, and freeze it. To revive it, allow the loaf to thaw, wrapped, before putting it in a pre-heated oven, unwrapped, to freshen up.

9. Cut your bread with a high-quality bread knife.

10. Accept that things change, and learn to enjoy that.



You asked, we answered. ​

We've organized our questions into three sections. Have a look. 

Got more questions? Give us a holler. 

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