We make breads, pastries, cookies, pasta, granola, and pretzels, and we want to share them with you.



Our bread is not magic, but it is good bread, made by hand and long-fermented.

We aim to make the best bread in the world. We know... that’s a high bar. But why not? We study every day to understand our bread. We do our very best to make our bread, your bread, fabulous.

We bake MANY different kinds of bread (our current count is around 200 varieties total), and every week we bake a widely varied selection. 



We make each batch of pasta by hand.

We make fettuccine and conchiglie (shells) in a variety of flavors, such as black pepper, berbere, thyme, tomato, and sourdough. Flavors vary by season and by the creative spirit of our pasta maker. 


We make our pasta with Farmer Ground flours plus a little semolina, and water. We shape our rolled pasta using a very cool, old Italian pasta machine. We make our extruded pasta using hand-cut bronze dies. If you try it, you will like it.




Wide Awake Bakery
4361 Buck Hill Rd. S.
Trumansburg, NY 14886

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