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We make breads, pastries, cookies, pasta, granola, and pretzels, and we want to share them with you.



Our bread is not magic, but it is good bread, made by hand and long-fermented.

We aim to make the best bread in the world. We know... that’s a high bar. But why not? We study every day to understand our bread. We do our very best to make our bread, your bread, fabulous.

We bake MANY different kinds of bread (our current count is around 200 varieties total), and every week we bake a widely varied selection. 



We make each batch of pasta by hand.

We make fettuccine and conchiglie (shells) in a variety of flavors, such as black pepper, berbere, thyme, tomato, and sourdough. Flavors vary by season and by the creative spirit of our pasta maker. 


We make our pasta with Farmer Ground flours plus a little semolina, and water. We shape our rolled pasta using a very cool, old Italian pasta machine. We make our extruded pasta using hand-cut bronze dies. If you try it, you will like it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.33.22 PM.png


It's GOOD to eat something that is totally delightful.

Pastry: It's not bad, and it's not decadent. We make a variety of pastry each week. We love to experiment with fillings and flavors depending on what's in season. You'll often find many different types of croissants at our markets. Have you ever tried one of our seedy sticks? How about the almond bear claw? Our orange & pistachio shnecken?


Our pastry base is made using organic flour, butter, and organic sugar. Long fermented, made by hand.



The people go wild for this stuff.

What's not to love about granola? We have done a lot of experimenting, and we think we've come up with the best granola out there. Our three types are: Buckin' Mule, Cacklin' Hen, and Goose Chase. Each one has its own personality. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.

We sell our granola by the bag, and in bulk at our Greenstar, our local co-op. Elevate your breakfast—the perfect balance of sweet and savory. This stuff does not disappoint.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.26.19 PM.png


We geek out on cookies.

We have three cookies that we've been baking for years: Oatmeal Raisin, Mocha Chocolate Chunk, and Ginger Molasses. We've started making Spelt Chocolate Chip, and little tasty Benne Wafers. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and most of our cookies contain spelt or rye flour.


The dough is perfected over countless trials and tests. We think we've landed on some pretty special and consistently delicious cookies.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 8.26.15 AM.png


Super traditional, German style, rye sourdough pretzels.

Wide Awake pretzels are the real deal.  Made with lye. Made by hand. Thick and soft in the middle, thin and crunchy on the outside.



Find our pretzels on the menu at Atlas Bowl in Trumansburg, or one of our Distributions, if you're lucky!

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