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Dear Breadfriends (9/1/2013)

Dear Bread Friends, We've been running so hard this summer that we've left lots of our maintenance work undone. And let me tell you: there's a lot to do! Wood to be split and stacked; grass to be trimmed; stock to be checked and rotated; and always lots of cleaning and minor repairs.. So we've decided to take some time early this week.. a brief labor-day break, then a couple of days dedicated to getting everything back up to standard. And that means... No Bread on Tuesday. If you pick up on Tuesday's at the bakery, at Sweet Land Farm, at Sarah's Patisserie, at West Haven Farm, or at Good to Go, you shouldn't be expecting bread this week. We will plan on having bread at the Trumansburg Farmer's Market on Wednesday from 4-7pm. The rest of our week will be the same as ever, and if you find yourself hungry, we would love to see you at any of our other bread distributions. We always try to have extra for those who need! With gratitude and great affection, your baker, Stef


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