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Dear Breadfriends (7/30/2014). Schedules. Welcome Black Pearl!

Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members,

Summer is fully upon us, even if it is 60 degrees outside. The cool is unusual, but it makes for excellent sleeping, and Reno, our draft horse and oven supply manager, is thrilled beyond measure that the greenhead flies are grounded. He leaps, cavorts, teases, rolls, and generally expresses all the childlike enthusiasm that a one ton horse can muster. It's very exciting to be around!

You will be relieved to know that most of our troubles of the past few weeks have been solved. The phase converter, which powers all the mixers and whatnot in the bakery, was hit by lightning. Wires toasted and sizzled, and large capacitors burned and smoked and turned themselves inside out. Luckily, the motor itself survived intact, and by swapping out all the burned small bits we were able to get it up and running. Good news, I'll say, and the time we spent working mountains of dough all by hand was an education, and it's certainly made us better bakers.

Our internet, too, was causing all kinds of trouble, and because it's almost as important to our work as the oven, we all suffered. That, too, has been fixed. So now we can be a little more timely with our communication and accountings.


Usually, at this time in the summer, we take a week off to play music and visit friends and family. This year we changed our schedule somewhat, so instead of taking THIS week off, we will be taking NEXT week off. That means that from Monday the 4th of August until Sunday the 10th of August, we won't be baking. I'll be doing some bakery consulting up in Saratoga, and Hope will be out in Idaho visiting family. And who knows... we might each get some time to rest, read, and visit at leisure.

You will want to get this on your schedule.

There will NOT be bread next week.

You will NOT receive a note from our bot saying that you should come get the bread.

If you come looking for bread, it will NOT be there.

And rest easy..You do NOT need to do anything to take care of your account.

So next week, think of your sleeping bakers, and smile.

That smile gets me to another point, which I am happy to share with you. We are offering something NEW, and not breadish, through our "webstore." It is sheep's milk yogurt from the BLACK PEARL CREAMERY. If you like yogurt, you will love this. If you are not that into yogurt, you just might get into it when you try it. Black Pearl's yogurt is truly extraordinary--crazy creamy and delicious--and like our bread, it comes from our place, yours and mine, and it is made with all the good love and care you'd expect. 

And so ends my rave.

But.. I will say.. I recommend it. Seriously.

And that's the news.

To recap:

Broken stuff fixed.

No bread next week.

New and delicious sheep's milk yogurt to be had!

With great affection,



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