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Dear Breadfriends (7/21/2013)

Hello Dear Bread Friends! The heat has finally broken, and now, as I write, a cool rain is falling. Sweet relief. I wanted to let you know that we will be taking a break at the end of the month. The shocking thing is that the end of the month is coming up fast! So...the details: We will not be baking for the week of JULY 28-AUGUST 4. For most of you, this should cause little confusion. But for those of you who get your bread near the very end of the week, it could seem problematic. So...If you get your bread at Three Swallows Farm on Saturdays, you WILL have bread on the 27th, but NOT the 3rd. If you pick up your bread every other week, don't worry! We will be in touch with you about your schedules, and we will adjust them so as to cause the least trouble we can. Many of you will wonder: Do I need to do something? What about my bread? Will I be missing a loaf? Will my bakers owe me a loaf? The answer is simple: You don't need to do anything! We won't bake your bread that week, and your crust fund will not have a loaf's worth deducted from it. Your account, in other words, will reflect the bake schedule; no bake, no bread, no letter reminding you that your bread will be ready, and no deduction from your account. Your bread, and the letters, will begin again as soon as we return. Easy. We will miss you! We love baking for you, and we love finding ways to make your bread more beautiful and more delicious each time we bake. We will miss the aromas of the bakery, and we will miss the feel of the dough in our hands, the smell of wood smoke, the sound of crackling fire, and the roar of the fermenting flour. And yet, we look forward to a week of rest and replenishment. We have in mind to play music, to dance, and to visit with our friends and long-time comrades. We will miss you. And we will rejoice in both our break and our return to the oven. With great affection, your baker, Stef


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