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Dear Breadfriends (7/17/2013)

Hi Dear Bread Friends, I hope you're have a great summer, despite the heat and thick air! We've been having quite a summer: baking, working with wheat researchers, teaching cooking classes, finding our film making its way around the world, working on new films (!), training apprentices, growing herbs and vegetables for your bread, sowing and growing oats in the fields around the bakery.. We even, occasionally, find a moment to jump in the pond. What a summer! Lots of you are off on vacation or on the road for other reasons, and with that in mind, we ask: please take a look at your bakery account. If you're not picking up bread, please put your account on hold. We want to bake your bread, but we don't want to bake and have it languish. While you're on your account page, take a look at your balance. If you are at zero and you'd like to continue getting bread, please add to your account. If you'd like to stop or take a break, help us by letting us know. If you are having trouble getting into your account, just let me know and I'll have the Farmigo system send you a password reset link. Thank you! With affection, your baker, Stef


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