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Dear Breadfriends (7/2/2014). Our internet, and why it matters.

Greetings Dear Breadfriends,

I just wanted to let you know that our internet connection here at the bakery and farm has been erratic (I'm using nice language here), and even though it appears to be working now, as I write to you, I have little doubt that it will be down again in a few moments.

Why should you care? You should care because we manage our Farmigo accounts online, so without connection we are unable to update your coffers and do all the other work we do online.

You can still reach me by email, though, because I can get mail on my phone, but it's not much for actually getting things done.

Rest assured that we're working on getting it all fixed and once again in operation. I know a lot of you have been patient for a while now, but I ask that you stay the course. We will get it.

Please accept my apologies. I know it is trouble.




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