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Dear Breadfriends ( 6/9/2014). CSA Comrades.

Dear Crustfund members,

Summer is upon us! The fields are full of bounty, and our farmer friends are hard at work to bring you fresh fruits and veggies through their summer CSAs. Last week we had our first distribution with Plowbreak Farm, and our comrades at Sweet Land Farm and the Full Plate Farm Collective are starting up this week!

Here’s the really cool part: if you’re a member of one of these CSAs, you can choose to pick up your breadshare with your veggies. Just log into your Farmigo account and change your pick-up location to the place you wish to get your bread. Make sure to do it 2 days in advance or our system won’t allow it—by then your bread is already underway. (This means it's too late for this Tuesday, but you could still catch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)

One item of entreaty—if you haven’t switched your account online, and your name isn’t on the check-off list at a particular location, please--don’t take a loaf! I know it is tempting…there is usually extra bread for sale at these locations and you’re welcome to buy bread a la carte at the member price, but please refrain from taking a loaf and adding your name to the list by hand, or taking a loaf and not adding your name to the list! If you are having trouble changing your pick-up location online, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out.

Thanks for all your support! We are honored to bake for you.


Your bakers


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