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Dear Breadfriends (6/2/2014). Helping Hope.

Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members,

Wow! What a day!

I have a lot to tell you, but instead of putting it all in a long letter, I'm going to break it up into a few separate notes. I do this in part to make things easier to read, but also to allow me to actually finish my writing before I have to up and away.

The mundane: We are looking for your practical assistance!

Hope, who I assume most of you have met (if you haven't met her yet, you've certainly enjoyed the fruits of her labor. She's a terrific baker and gifted manager.. and she even manages to find time, occasionally, to post on her bakery blog, which you can find here.) was recently having trouble with her car. She took it over to Shade Tree, and John called back right away: "That car should NOT be on the ROAD!!" And he convinced her.

So we are looking for a car for Hope. Ideally, it would have the following characteristics: reliable!, good cargo room, economical, and it would cost around or under $3k.

If you know of the right car for Hope, please drop us a line!

Thank you!!

See... that was mundane. But actually, kind of inspiring, turning collective good will to a simple project.

Thank you, and with great affection,



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