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Dear Breadfriends (3/31/2014).

Hello Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members!

The wind is warm, at least for today, and the mud is on the way. All our animals are celebrating, and we are too. But we celebrate a little more than 'merely' spring... we celebrate our THIRD ANNIVERSARY!! Yikes! Yes. It's true. David and I brought our first boxes of bread to Good to Go in Trumansburg on the first day of April, three years ago. Auspicious, no? We are so grateful to all of you for embracing us so warmly, and for making the bakery possible. THANK YOU!

I wanted to share with you, as well, the exciting news that the WINNER for 2014 has been announced!!!


To find out more about this year's winner, direct your browser to our webpage.

More soon, and with great affection and gratitude,



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