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Dear Breadfriends (12/14/2013)

Good Morning Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members! SNOW!! WINTER! YIKES! I'm running about today taking care of winter business, but before I head out the door into the snow I wanted to send this word: I know many of you are receiving notes saying that your crustfunds are low or bottoming out. If you have already paid us at a distribution or mailed us a check, we beg your patience! We have been having some severe connectivity problems of late, and that's got us behind on accounts. We WILL get your accounts up to date. In the meantime, our bot continues its ongoing vigil! I will be putting it to bed for the season soon.. tonight, actually, if all goes well. This is all to say: Please don't worry, and I apologize for the irritation these notes cause you. If... if your account really is low or bottomed out or in the red, and if you have not sent money, then those letters really are for you! If you are able to pay now, even as we head into a breadless period, that helps us a great deal, and we appreciate it and thank you for it! I will be sending ANOTHER in the series of letters later concerning the details of the OPEN-HOUSE PARTY, which will be happening AT THE BAKERY, next TUESDAY (the 17th) from 5:30-10:00 PM. You can find out more by checking the bakery website, or our (much neglected) facebook page. Thank you!! Into the snow, Stef


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