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Dear Breadfriends (11/13/2013)

Dear Bread Friends and Crust Fund Members, Our season is starting to slow down a bit, and that's giving us some time to play catch up. And there's no shortage of things to catch up on! In this note, and it will be the first in a small flurry of emails I'll be sending you in the coming days, I want to tell you about our bake schedule for the next few weeks, and I want to tell you why you want to know these details. Throughout the season we've been baking on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, a little on Thursdays, Fridays, and a little on Saturdays. It made sense. We had pickups on some of those days, markets on a few of them, and farm CSA distributions all across the week. Now, though, the farm season is almost over, and for most of you, your farm CSA has closed for the season. The Trumansburg Farmers Market (Yeah!! what a fabulous market!!!) has closed, too, and that means we can take time to breathe. Most bakeries speed up for the holidays, and we understand why: families are coming together, friends gathering, food prepared and eaten... it's a beautiful time for people, and a beautiful time for bread. But we miss our families, too, and while we want to bake for you when you need us, we think it wise to take time... to rest, to visit, to be with our family and friends. And so we will. But what does this mean in practical terms? It means that we will not be baking on the Friday after Thanksgiving, that is, Friday the 29th of November. It also means that we will be taking some time for the December holidays. Specifically, our last bake will be the 17th of December, which is a Tuesday. We will be back at the oven in January, likely around the 3rd week. (We are very excited about our January plans, which we will tell you about in an upcoming email!). So let me recap those dates: No bake on Friday the 29th of November. Last bake of the year on Tuesday the 17th of December. But wait! there's more! We WILL be holding our BAKERY OPEN HOUSE PARTY!! on the 17th of December! Yes! Music! Great food! Visit the bakery! Meet the oven! Meet Susan, our new apprentice! Laugh and enjoy with your fellow bread comrades! Eat, drink, laugh! Again: Bakery Open House on the 17th of December. We'll be sending out more details as things solidify. OK.. one more thing. Really, just one. We know you might want bread for the holidays, and we'd be honored to bake it for you. To make that work well, it would be good if you could plan a little in advance: tell us how many loaves you'll be needing over the next couple of weeks and we'll put them on the bake. If we get all the requests in one week we'll be swamped! Thank you, thank you, dear ones. I'll be in touch again with more details, exciting news, stories from the oven, and all that stuff. With great affection, Stef


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