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Dear Breadfriends (10/1/2014). Fall. Schedules. Land-Line! And the open-house.

Dear Breadfriends and Crustfund Members,

Happy Fall! Man, did that fly by.

I don't need to tell you that it's fabulously beautiful around here. You can see it yourself.

Count us all lucky.

As the end of the year rolls around we start thinking about visiting friends and family, and about finding the time to rest and restore ourselves and our place.

Here's what we've come up with:

We will be CLOSED for the week of OCTOBER 20-25.

If you get your bread on Saturdays, note that we will not be open on the 25th.

We WILL, however, be holding our baking class on the 25th.

We will be CLOSED from TUESDAY, THE 25TH OF NOVEMBER, until TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3rd. If you get your bread on Tuesdays, you WILL have bread on DECEMBER 3rd.

We will be CLOSED from DECEMBER 21 until JANUARY 13. There may be changes to this one, but these are the dates we're working with for now.

As usual, most of you won't need to do anything to your share to stay current with these closings. We'll take care of it. But.. if you are on one of the every other week schedules, you may want to adjust your subscription so you don't miss two weeks of bread.

That's it for the scheduling news. But wait! There's more!

First, we have a NEW LAND-LINE PHONE in the bakery! This is great. If you've ever tried to reach me on my cellphone here at the bakery you know how frustrating it can be. Let no call go undropped.

Our NEW PHONE NUMBER is 607-387-9970, and that phone is right here in the bakery. If you need to reach the bakery, our new line is the best way to do it: 607-387-9970.

And.. we will be offering some special items for the holidays.. we'll keep you up to date as we decide what we'll be baking. If you think you might be interested--in stollen, or extra cookies, or pastries, or coffee-cakes--just keep an eye out for a note from the bakery. We will be doing most of this baking to pre-order, so stay tuned.

And.. we have scheduled the BAKERY OPEN-HOUSE! I'll send out a detailed invite later, but for now you need to know that the party will be on December 20! We hope you can come.

Finally, thank you all for being along side us in this project. We are honored to have you with us, and every day we feel the wonder and pleasure of baking for you. No joke.

Thank you.

With great affection,



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