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Dear Breadfriends (1/7/2014). When is bread coming BACK?

Dear Patient Breadfriends and Crustfund Members, I am so grateful for your patience! I promise you, bread will return to our lives.. but not this week. We are working hard here, preparing for the year ahead: re-engineering parts of the oven that we can only reach when they're cool (today's mechanical challenge: how to you lift a 1000lb slab of concrete while it's inside a chamber that's only 17" high? And then, once it's in the air, how do you work under it?); painting, tiling, and deep-cleaning; developing formulas for new and delicious things; and organizing bakery research projects. I'm not complaining... I just think it's good for you to know that while you're not getting bread, we're not sitting on the beach soaking up the sun. OK.. but on to the real question: WHEN is the bread coming back? The answer: Our first bake will be January 21, which is a Tuesday. We'll be on schedule from then on out. We will bake some bread on the 17th, too, but if you want to get any you'll have to become a professional bread-taster. I hope this puts your mind at ease. And I am so very grateful that you allow us this time.. to breathe, to rethink, to repair, to regroup. It helps. Thank you! Stef


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