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Dear Breadfriends (07/05/2013)

Happy hot Fourth, Dear Bread Friends, I just wanted to re-announce that we are not making bread today (Friday), and we will not have bread tomorrow (Saturday). Beyond that... no changes to report. We will have bread at next week's Tuesday pickups, and barring some unforeseen event, we're simply on from there on out! And more news: We've been sharing this at our distribution sites, but it bears repeating: Farmer Ground Flour, our dear friends, neighbors, and millers, are having an OPEN HOUSE PARTY at the NEW MILL! Yes, you read that right: Farmer Ground has built a beautiful new mill, and it's just around the corner from the bakery. Their doors are open and full of welcome from NOON UNTIL 6 PM, SATURDAY. Come visit! You'll get to meet our, and your, millers, and you will get a tour of the mill, which is fascinating. In addition, you'll find lovely food, drink, and good conviviality. Come visit. The mill is to be found at 240 AIKEN ROAD, TRUMANSBURG. I look forward to seeing you there! With heated affection, Stef


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