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Dear Breadfriends (04/15/2013

Dear Breadshare Members, I wanted to let you know that we will be CLOSED the week of APRIL28-MAY4. That's the week after next. We've got lots to do before the summer really picks up in earnest, and since the TRUMANSBURG FARMER'S MARKET is going to be starting up in the middle of May (May 15, to be exact), we figured we'd better grab a moment to get ready. By the way, the Trumansburg Farmer's Market is FABULOUS, and if you get a chance, do come enjoy it. Lots of great music, excellent food, unbeatable vibe.. and all just the right size. Not too crowded, but still plenty of variety and excitement. Great space for kids, too. So... just to say it again: THE BAKERY WILL BE CLOSED FROM APRIL 28 UNTIL MAY 4. Mark your calendars!! Every day we thank you for letting us bake for you! No joke, that. with affection, Stef


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