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An ancient partnership.

Crust Fund Terms

You can sign up for a Crust Fund account at any time, and YES, we do still have room for new members.

Your crust fund is NON-REFUNDABLE. Why? The way the Community Supported Bakery functions is simple: when you pay in a lump sum, that gives us a measure of financial security. We use the money you put on your account to pay our employees, purchase materials, fix broken things, and donate bread to causes we support.


Missed Bread: If you miss your pickup, the bread is GONE. You are welcome to call to check if we have your loaf at the bakery, but we only guarantee to have your bread at the pickup site until it closes.


To Cancel your account: For reasons not worth explaining, your account does not automatically cancel after your balance goes to zero. Write us a note with the subject heading "Cancel," and we will do it for you.


Snow Days and other such: If we start to work on your bread, but we are unable to deliver it safely, you will STILL be charged for your bread. We are a CSB, a Community Supported Bakery; we do our very best to get you your loaf; you help us when circumstances conspire against us. Together, we keep each other well.

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