Our bakery is located in Trumansburg- 

in the beautiful Finger Lakes region 

of New York. We love it here. 


The bakery was built from the ground up with the support of our community.

The building, tucked into a hedgerow on the edge of our sheep pasture, has high ceilings and lovely light. In the warmer months we eat lunch under the trees. Our back window overlooks pastures of grazing sheep and rolling hills. It's a good place to work. 


Like you, the Wide Awake Bakery is solar powered. It's part of being sustainable.

Six huge solar panels provide all our electricity. With the help of Renovus, we have been producing all of our electricity from the sun since 2016. We think a lot about sustainability: how to keep the soil alive, our people happy and growing, the planet breathing. We're not utopian or dreamy about it. We're just trying.



Our site is also the home of Finch Farm, run and operated by Liz Brown. We share our property with many animal friends, including Walter the pig, Reno the very large horse, and many sheep, lambs, chickens and geese. We feel very lucky to be in such good company. 


We have no sign or storefront, as we like to work in the quiet. Neighbors and visitors are welcome, but we ask for a little warning.


If you'd like to visit, please contact us ahead of time.