We are a community-focused bakery located in Trumansburg, NY. We work closely with our partners- Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour- to make great breads from local organic grains. 



Hungry? You'll find our bread all over town.

As a Crust Fund member, you can sign up to get bread at a pick-up site of your choosing. We also sell bread at a variety of retail locations.


Share the love. We offer a range of classes. Come learn.

We are all about demystification! We teach classes on sourdough baking, pretzel-making, rye-breads, pastry, hand-skills, business planning, and on and on. Our goal is to help you become a better baker, and to become a more engaged friend to bread. There is a lot to learn.


Oechsner Farms and

Farmer Ground Flour

Wide Awake Bakery is a tight collaboration with our grain farmers Thor Oechsner and Dan Gladstone of Oechsner Farms, and our miller colleagues Greg Russo and Neal Johnston at Farmer Ground Flour. We grow, mill, and bake in partnership, and we are dedicated to spreading the good news about regional grains.



Wide Awake Bakery
4361 Buck Hill Rd. S.
Trumansburg, NY 14886

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