We tend to bake Gary's Bread, Sunflower Farmer's Bread, CIabatta,  and Vollkornbrot every week. The other varieties offered are "Baker's Choice." We try to mix it up week by week and use seasonal ingredients when we can. 


Our Crust Fund works a lot like a vegetable CSA. If you were to go to a farm, you get what was harvested that week--what is in season. Perhaps you'd get to choose between different kinds of squash or select the tomatoes that suit your fancy. But, ultimately, saying you want sugar snap peas in mid-November isn't so realistic.

With the Crust Fund,  we offer you an assortment of breads to choose from. If you are SUPER particular about your loaf, please do stop by the pick-up on the earlier side to maximize your choices. Imagine if we took requests to bake very specific kinds of bread for each and every individual Crust Fund member- we would essentially be baking tiny batches of 50 + different types of bread. Instead, we bake the favorites week to week and switch up the rest. Try something new! 

Is the bakery "certified organic"?

No, the bakery is not "certified organic". We bake with organic flours and organic grains, and we make every effort to find the best possible local, organic ingredients. We may decide in the future that organic certification is worthwhile for us, but for now we are simply making the best bread we can.

I forgot to put my account on hold. Can you make an exception just this once?

PLEASE don't forget this very important thing! We start baking bread THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE based on the number of Crust Fund members. Specifically, we plan which types of bread and how much to bake plus scale out all of the flour on day one, do the mix and pre-shaping on day two, and then bake the bread on day three. If your account is active, so is your bread! One fix we like to recommend after forgetting to put your account on hold: Have a friend come pick up your loaf- they can enjoy it for themselves or freeze it for you while they await your return. 

Are your PRODUCTS vegan?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: The foundation of most of our breads are these THREE simple ingredients: FLOUR, WATER, SALT. That's Vegan! We may add dried fruits, seeds, herbs, vegetables, and other fun stuff to the bread, but.... Still vegan! The same foundation applies to our pasta. Vegan! 

We also make sweets and breads with milk or butter in them. We'll tell you when we do that. Those breads, and most of our cookies, and all of our laminated pastries, are NOT vegan!

DO you bake any gluten free breads or cookies? i do not have celiac disease, but i think i may be allergic to wheat.

No, we do not bake any gluten free breads or cookies. And, if we did, we would technically not be able to tell you that they are "gluten free" because they would have been made in our facility, which has has flour... everywhere. Many people find that their reactions to "wheat" and "gluten" are actually reactions to unfermented wheat and industrial food. Most modern bread is made using "no-time" methods that replace fermentation with a mix of emulsification, whipping, and air injection. Our bread is fully fermented, gently mixed, and given a slow rise.

How many loaves of bread can your oven hold at once?

Our oven can hold about 60 loaves of bread at once. 

can i come be an apprentice for a day, a week, a month, or a year?

We are so very flattered by this question and the overall interest in coming to see how we do things. We are often on tight schedules. While we would love to show you how it's done, this is not always possible, especially at the height of our season. This is why we offer full-day baking classes where anyone and everyone can get an inside look at what's happening around here. We do offer scholarships to attend a class. If you are truly interested in working as a baker here, please do send us an e-mail with some details about yourself. 

Do you deliver bread to New York City? Rochester? Connecticut? Ireland? South Korea? Mars?

No, we do not. We like to keep it local. 

Can I come to the farmer's market and buy 60 loaves on the spot?

We would love for you to buy bread from us for a big dinner, a wedding, or a poppin' party. We do ask that you please tell us in advance so that we can bake more bread! That way, you can have all of the bread you desire and we can still show up to the farmer's market with an abundant offering for our community. Our rule of thumb is: If you want more than 10 loaves of bread in one shot, please e-mail us at least three days ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.