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January 27th: Basic Artisan Baking - SOLD OUT

February 10th: Home Baking Intensive - SOLD OUT

February 24th: Basic Artisan Baking - SOLD OUT

March 10th: Ancient Grains + Local Flour

April 7th: Hand Skills Intensive

April 14th: Pie! (With Kinship & Company)

April 28th: Pizza + Black Ovens 

May 12th: Building a Bakery

October 6th: Specialty Breads 

November 10th: Pastry Intensive 

November 17th: Pie! (With Kinship & Company)

December 1st: Basic Artisan Baking


Basic Artisan Baking (1/27, 2/24, 12/1/18):

In this class we will go over all the basics of making great bread. The class runs all day, and we will make a LOT of bread! Topics include the chemistry and biology of bread, an introduction to fermentation skills, bakers’ math, and a range of handwork skills. Each student will get plenty of oven-time, and we will have the opportunity to talk about whatever excites us about baking. Watch out! This class has inspired students to start FOUR working bakeries!

Home Baking Intensive (2/10/18):

In this class we cover the basics of artisan baking, but with a special focus on baking in the home kitchen. Home kitchens present challenges—few of us have large commercial ovens to work with, and our tools are generally much smaller and less powerful than those we’d find in a professional bakery. Home kitchens also offer opportunity and flexibility—delivery deadlines are less pressing, ingredient costs less intimidating, and home tools do a great job.  We’ll cover scheduling, sourdough management, preferments, oven challenges, and bread storage.  You CAN make truly great bread at home!

Baking with Ancient Grains & Local Flour (3/10/18):

In this class, we will learn to bake with some of the ancient grains – spelt, rye, emmer, einkorn, kamut and amaranth, quinoa and others.  The recent availability of these ancient grains adds a range of flavors and textures to the bakers’ palette.  As in our basic artisan baking class, we will consider the chemistry and biology of bread, and provide an introduction to fermentation skills, bakers’ math, and a range of handwork skills. Each student will get plenty of oven time, and you will go home with a lot of bread!

Specialty Breads (10/6/18):

Challah! Vollkornbrot! Pretzels!  Come join us for a day of making a wide variety of specialty breads.  From learning how to make a classic German style Vollkornbrot, to practicing your challah braid – you’ll leave with a whole new set of skills. This is the perfect class to build on the techniques learned in Basic Artisan bread baking, though it’s not required to have taken that class first. 



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You can purchase a class at our online store HERE, or by sending us a check through the mail.

In order to reserve your spot in a class, we ask for payment in advance. The baking classes costs $250 per person except the Pie and Pizza classes, which are shorter and are $175 each. 

You can send a check made out to WIDE AWAKE BAKERY to:

Wide Awake Bakery
4361 Buck Hill Rd S
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Please contact us first over the phone or over email in order to make sure there is still room in a class before you mail a check! 

REFUNDSIf you cancel your attendance up to FOUR WEEKS in advance, we offer a 90% refund. If you cancel up to TWO WEEKS in advance, we offer a 50% refund. After that, we don’t offer any refund at all. Please plan ahead!

Hand Skills Intensive (4/7/2018)

The best way to befriend bread is to know it with your hands, over and over again.  In this class we will shape and score hundreds of loaves of bread.  More bread than you would bake at home in years! This class offers a rare opportunity to develop your skills at the bench alongside professional bakers.

Pie! (4/14/18 and 11/17/2018) (10 AM – 4 PM):

Join Rachel from Kinship & Company to learn all about pie! We’ll make an all butter pie crust with Farmer Ground Flour, as well as a crust blended with your choice of an alternative grain (rye or spelt).  While making the pie crust, we’ll discuss the best ways to make pie dough that is flaky yet easy to work with – and we’ll use these doughs to make a double crust fruit pie, as well as a single crust custard pie with a blind-baked crust.  We’ll eat lunch while the pies are baking, and then you’ll go home with two pies.

Pizza + Black Ovens (4/28/18) (10 AM – 4 PM):

Although the rest of our classes focus on using the big white oven that’s built into the center of the bakery, this class is focused on our other oven – a delightful, mobile black oven that’s perfect for making pizza.  Join us for an afternoon of making pizza from start to finish, and learning how to fire and cook in a black oven. 

Building a Bakery (5/12/18):

We get many calls from folks seeking advice on building and operating a small bakery.  In this class, we will consider the process of creating a bakery – how to design it, fund it, build it, and use it.   We will consider equipment choices, building layout, financing, marketing, and of course, baking! This class is a great opportunity to ask detailed questions and to investigate a living, breathing bakery! The class is more than talk, however.  We will also bake bread, the better to know it.

Pastry Intensive (11/10/18):

Ever wondered how to make a delightful croissant at home? Join us for a day of learning the techniques behind hand and machine lamination, and for an exploration of all of the amazing things you can make from croissant dough!

Baking Classes are $250 each, except Pie and Pizza, which are shorter classes and are $175 each. 

Standard baking classes are a FULL day (8 AM – 6 PM), and include breakfast snacks and lunch.

Pie and Pizza both run from from 10 AM - 4 PM, and includes lunch. 

Gift certificates available!

Questions? Email us at wideawakebakery@gmail.com or call us at 607-387-9970

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