Wet. Lots of wet.

If you live around here, you know what I’m talking about. It’s been raining for what? Six months? Straight. Yes. I remember that it was only last year that we were deep in drought, so I’m reluctant to grump. But still.

It’s not so much the grey. Or the squishy. Or even the mold that grew on my boots during the warm months. It’s that our wood never fully dried. That means our oven is spending a lot of time boiling the water out of the wood before it gets to take it’s share of the heat.

but.. and I’m not joking.. this is part of the beauty of firing the bakery with wood. We are with our world and weather, full-contact. When the air is full of water, so is the wood. When the dry finally comes, we feel it in our every move. That’s a good thing.

Happy New Year to you!

with affection,