New Baking Classes for 2019!

We’ve been getting lots of emails about baking classes, and that’s led us to get our calendars out for next year. NEXT YEAR?! Hard to believe, but true!

Here is the sketch:

Come 2019, we’ll be doing two classes a month until mid-June, when the hot season kicks in. We’re aiming for the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of each month, but I can imagine a few changes as we go along. Each month, the first class, the one that comes on the 2nd Saturday, will be a full-day class, and the second class will be a half-day.

Here’s what’s on our list right now:


October 6: Specialty Breads (Full Day Class)

November 10: Pastry Intensive (Full Day Class)

November 17: Pie! with Iron Owl Kitchen (Half-Day Class)

December 1: Basic Artisan Baking (Full Day Class)


January 19: Ancient and Local Grains (Full Day Class)

January 26: Pizza! (Half-Day Class)

February 16: Hand-Skills! (Full Day Class)

February 23: Pretzels (Half-Day Class)

March 16: Building a Bakery (Full Day Class)

March 23: Rye Breads (Half-Day Class)

April 20: Artisan Baking (Full Day Class)

April 27: Pizza! (Half-Day Class)

May 18: Home Artisan Baking (Full Day Class)

May 25: Pizza! (Half-Day Class)

We’ll be adding more information as we develop the schedule, but for now, that list is a good place to start!

In addition to our regular classes, we also offer special classes for schools, colleges, and private groups. We’ve taught large extended families, high-school classes in Environmental Studies, and college classes in Russian Studies; Agriculture; and Sustainable Development. Does your group or class need some time at the bakery? Let us know!