Wide Awake Bakery in the news!

We are thrilled to have been mentioned in two recent articles in the Cornell Chronicle and in the Ithaca Voice.

Interested in learning more about the local grains movement? Check out the Cornell Chronicle article here: "Heritage and Ancient Grains Project Feeds A Growing Demand"

And we love the Atlas Bowl - and are so excited to have been featured on their menu for one of their Locavore Wednesday Specials. Read more here: "Atlas Bowl's "locavore" special brings the Trumansburg farmers market to the table"

One action - two great Causes!

In one action: support some of the newest and most vulnerable members of our community – refugees – and help ensure that Southside Community Centerwhich has recently lost the majority of its funding from the City of Ithaca - can continue to provide support, education, and essential services in Ithaca.

Individual/Organization/Business Sponsorship for:

A Night of Extremely Vetted Comedy

A show to benefit Ithaca Welcomes Refugees and Southside Community Center Inc.

at the State Theater of Ithaca


Friday, May 5th 2017

Doors open at 7 PM, show starts at 8 PM


Event Details: Ithaca Welcomes Refugees and Southside Community Center present an evening of Extremely Vetted Comedy for your enjoyment!  We’re thrilled to have the amazing Eman Morgan as our headliner for the evening.  He’ll be joined by 4 other talented stand-up comedians for a night of laughter and fun, all while supporting two wonderful community organizations.  

All net proceeds from the event will go to:

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees (IWR) & Southside Community Center Inc.

The goal is to sell out every single seat in the State… this will provide much needed funds for IWR, and will allow Southside Community Center Inc. to keep its doors open, as it has recently lost the majority of its funding from the City of Ithaca.

Both organizations provide vital services and support

To so many people in our community - and now

we all have a chance to support them in return!


How can you or your organization be involved?

By purchasing a ticket block!

What’s a ticket block?

A ticket block is 10 tickets to the comedy show, for $220.


Can I buy more than one ticket block?

Absolutely! If you’d like to buy 5, 8 or 10 blocks and distribute 50, 80 or 100 tickets to your employees/students or family and friends, we’d be delighted! You can also make a tax-deductible donation and donate the tickets to our community pool of tickets (these tickets will be distributed to members of our community in order to make the show accessible for all – more information below).


How can I purchase tickets?

Easy! Tickets can be purchased at the State Theater box office, or online at the State Theater’s website (www.stateofithaca.com).  You can choose to buy any number of tickets you’d like – any amount over 10 tickets will count as a sponsorship of the event.  If you’d like to buy more than 20 tickets (which is the limit on the State Theater website, you can do so in 20 ticket increments. 


What if I want to contribute to the cause, but would rather donate the tickets?

If you’d like to purchase a ticket block and donate the tickets, they will go towards our community pool of tickets (these tickets will be distributed to members of our community in order to make the show accessible for all).  The easiest way to do this is to mail a check to IWR for the amount of your block(s). 

Checks can be made out to “Ithaca Welcomes Refugees” – just be sure to put “Extremely Vetted Comedy” in the memo line!

Checks can be mailed to 315 N. Cayuga Street Ithaca, NY 14850.


If I donate the tickets, is that donation tax deductible?

Yes! We’ll mail you a thank you letter that you can use for tax purposes. Please be sure to include your name and address with your check!


How will my business/organization be recognized for being a sponsor?

We will have all sponsors names up in the lobby the night of the show, as well as having a list on our Facebook page.   You’ll also have our undying gratitude!


I still have so many questions.  Who should I ask?

No problem! Send any ticket and event questions to Rachel at rachel.ostlund@gmail.com, and she’ll get you taken care of.


Learn more about Ithaca Welcomes Refugees and Southside Community Center:

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is a community initiative that fosters a welcoming and fair environment for refugees who come to our region. Our work includes resource gathering, fundraising, resettlement assistance, and education and awareness efforts. Our aim is to provide help for all refugees, with priority given to those bearing the additional burden of hate and fear.  IWR is currently working to house and resettle refugee families that have come to live in Ithaca, and also works in tandem with international aid organizations such as the International Refugee Assistance Program.  Our hope is that these efforts will continue the development of Ithaca as a welcoming host community in times of great global need.  Interested in learning more?  www.ithacawelcomesrefugees.org.

Southside Community Center, Inc. has been an important Ithaca institution for over 80 years.  Southside Community Center affirms, empowers, and fosters the development of self-pride among Black citizens of greater Ithaca while providing programming for all underserved people throughout the county. Southside Community Center’s programs fill the invaluable role of providing essential services—such as a safe and supervised environment, academically enriching activities, healthy snacks, and caring and supportive mentors—to young people most in need of support. Our center is located in a community that is experiencing higher levels of poverty and food insecurity, where young people face disparities in access to extracurricular activities. As part of our mission to serve the people of Ithaca, we strive not only to keep young people safe but to support their academic, social, and emotional growth, working to distribute opportunities for extracurricular growth more equitably.  In addition to educational activities, Southside Community Center provides recreation, cultural events, opportunities for political & social awareness, a food pantry, and other direct services.  Southside Community Center, Inc. is in a time of crisis and is seeking community support. 

We need institutions that make our communities resilient – when we invest in refugee support organizations, we are creating stability for all of our futures. When we invest in Southside Community Center, we are investing in an institution that has worked for decades to build a foundation of support, education, and outreach – a foundation that benefits every single person in Ithaca.  The security that many of us enjoy today could change tomorrow.  Thank you!



With gratitude,

Your bakers



Angel Shares!

Oh Dear Breadfriends,

It’s a new year, and we face it with skepticism, hope, drive, and gratitude. Skepticism for the waves of pestilential nonsense that are unleashed upon us daily. Hope for the great arc and its eventual bending towards justice. Drive to do a little more this year than last, and with a little more grace and courage. Gratitude for our community, for this place, for our possibilities, for you.

But I strive to stay focused!

I have things to tell you about your BAKERY that you will want to know!

In this letter I want to let you know about ONE THING!

That one thing is our CAPITAL CAMPAIGN!

We are having a CAPITAL CAMPAIGN! Yes!!

Our goal is to raise ten-thousand dollars for infrastructure projects here at the bakery, including improvements in our pastry production, and a new ventilation system.

Fear not! We’re not asking for donations, but here is what we are doing.

We are selling $10,000 in “Angel Shares.”  

I hear you cry: What the heck is an “Angel Share”?

An “Angel Share” is an opportunity to buy a GREAT BIG BREADSHARE at a low cost.

We are offering five “Full Angel Shares,” for each of which we will bake 220 loaves, for $1000. That’s a mighty low-priced loaf of bread, and a very nice return on your investment.

And because we know that not everyone has that kind of money just lying around, we’re also offering ten “Half Angel Shares” at the $500 level, for each of which we will bake 110 loaves of bread.

If you are thinking.. How in the heck am I supposed to come up with that money? Consider banding together with friends! You can take your bread in whatever delivery size you like--Need 220 loaves for a wedding? Done! Need one loaf every other week for few years? It’s easy!  Anyway, you get it. This is a way for us to raise capital in the short-term and to offer you a nice deal in the process.

The shares work just the same way as current shares. If you purchase a Full Angel Share, you will give us $1000, and we will put $1210 on your account. If you purchase a Half Angel Share, you’ll give us $500 and we’ll put $605 on your account! That’s good money! Your breadshare will click along as ever, and you can continue to manage it though your Farmigo account.

You are welcome to buy multiples if you please.

If you are one of the Angel Share Holders from our first opening almost SIX YEARS AGO!!, your share is now EMPTY! You are welcome to purchase another! If you are one of our wholesale customers, you can see what a deal this is, and you might want to purchase one or more Angel Shares at these prices!

To purchase an Angel Share, you can simply add the share through Farmigo by clicking clicking on the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of the page.

If you would like us to help you with your purchase, please let us know!

We do ask that when you purchase an Angel Share, please do your best to pay by check or cash, rather than by electronic means.  If you have any questions, or if you just feel like donating money to our capital campaign, please drop us a line at wideawakebakery@gmail.com.

And there you have it!

I have many other things to tell you--about new markets, new faces, new projects--and I'll be writing to you about all that shortly.


With gratitude and affection!


A Long Night. A Cold Morning.

Oh! My Dearest Breadfriends,

My heart goes out to each and all of you. Here we have been up till all hours, and then sleeping fitfully. Bakers do that anyway, but last night was different.

We started the bakery a little more than five years ago. Why? Because we were hungry for good bread. Because we wanted to work and play with our dear friends. Because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. But it was more than that.

We built this bakery because we had a vision--of a place that would nurture our community, that would feed us all honestly and with the fruits of our shared soil and water. We saw the bakery as a place where skilled and hard work would be applied to simple materials, and that our work would then feed us all. We envisioned loaves shaped with care, each embodying our attention and love. We imagined those loaves shared and eaten, given away, or simply (if briefly) appreciated as a source of quietness. Nourishment.

There have been days--too hot or too long or too dry or too wet--when all of that has seemed a dream. But this morning, I feel it more strongly than ever. What I saw last night was half a country intoxicated by the pleasure of finally being allowed to openly express anger, resentment, and hatred. It is that awful pleasure that concerns me. I do not think it will subside anytime soon.

There will be plenty of work to do in the weeks and months to come.

For now, I wanted to tell you this about our bakery: we rededicate ourselves to kindness, to generosity, to difference, to complexity, to respect, and to reason. We rededicate ourselves to hard work, to vision, and most of all, to love.

With great and sorrowful affection,