Our community of artists and musicians is astounding!


For us, bread can instigate transformative exchange.


As bakers, we work for that moment of engagement where we encounter the beauty of the bread, and through it, of each other. 

Our community is full of art, and we love that. We do what we can to promote and support local music, painting, graphic design, performance, poetry, circus arts, and more. Our bakery has been transformed into a sculpture installation, our bread distributions into circus performances and collective art projects. We regularly host bands at our bread events, and at farmers markets.

Are you an artist? Would like to work with us? Be in touch and we can talk.

"Some objects suggest that the world is actually banal—kind of perfunctory and ho hum. They invite indifference. Other objects suggest that the world is full of grace, bounty, and beauty. They invite something closer to love. We are interested in making something that invites love as a response. 


-David McInnis


More than half of the funding for the bakery came from musicians. 

The musicians in our lives, in Trumansburg and farther afield, are very dear to us. Musicians were our core supporters when we first started. Before we had even opened our doors, we brought to dances and gave it away; musicians and dancers were our first audience. In the early years, back when we had more room to spare, we would invite bands to rehearse in the bakery while we worked.


Wide Awake Bakery
4361 Buck Hill Rd. S.
Trumansburg, NY 14886

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